Nutrition guidance and support for your cancer journey

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Evaluating advice from friends, family and internet

A cancer diagnosis is a life changing event. Nutrition can be a source of empowerment when dealing with problems you never expected to encounter. Yet, the amount of information available is overwhelming and often conflicting, increasing anxiety about making "the right choices".

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Working around eating problems during treatment

Maintaining good nutrition through cancer treatments improves tolerance of the treatments themselves and even your ability to complete the treatment course needed to fight your cancer. Working around the problems that interfere with nutrition and activity is critical.

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What Now? Nutrition and supplementation after treatment ends

Anxiety is often kept in check during active treatment. Surrounded by caring staff, survivors have ready access to answers to their questions. "Graduation" is welcome, but removes this safety net, leaving survivors vulnerable to potentially harmful interventions like colonic enemas, extreme diet restrictions and excessive supplementation.

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Feedback from Survivors

I came in with a lot of information but you helped put it all into perspective. I learned so much and feel like there is a sense of hope again.